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Thank you for lookingI have an old dinosaur of a Linux computer that has REMOVABLE HARD DRIVES1st Drive 120 GB- Linux 2nd Drive 80 GB - Windows XP Professional 3rd Drive is empty.AMD 2200 Processor, 1 GB, nVidia GeForce4 Ti4200, DVD, CD, 1.44 FLOPPY DRIVE, 6-USB, 3-FIREWIRE, PS2Check out the photos for details.There are no disks - Couldnt find them - We just moved I also have 2 - 15 LCD Monitor...
This is a custom gaming desktop I had made several years ago. It runs great, definitely good for everyday use or for parts it you want. The one thing that probably needs done is the liquid cooling system needs cleaned and the liquid replaced. It is a self-contained unit which can run for 3 years without needing maintenance if done properly.Here are the IMPORTANT parts and their approximate valu...
4 month old alienware desktop dont use them like we thought, bought 2 new at 1800 each selling one for 1000 firm
I have an IBuyPower Desktop -i7 4ghz 8core with Nvidia Geforce GTX 960. 16GB of Ram. The box is sort of big at 20 x 7 x 21 ish. The box is roundish so measuring is inaccurate. I am just not using the full capacity of this beast. I smoke Skyrim on top settings with medium modding in this thing.Win7 OSPrice Negotiable
Have a bunch of PC Stuff all pulled from working PCsTested DDR2 1 gig sticks 667 PC5300 16 Desktop DDR2 1 gig sticks 800 PC6400 15 Desktop DDR3 2 gig sticks 10600 9 DesktopTested Misc. DDR 2 and DDR3 Laptop Ram 2 and 4 gig sticks 9Tested Various Socket 775 CPUs All are Core 2 Duos E2180-E8400 31Wiped Sata Laptop Hard Drives 1 160gig 3 250gig 2 320gig 1 500gig 8 TotalNew 60 DVDs Blanks 30 CD-Rs ...
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