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I have 2 large avocado trees in 55 gallon barrels and many smaller avocado trees in 15 and 5 gallon barrels grown from seed by myself. They vary from 2 to 5 years old. Peach and grape vines are in 5 gallon containers.I have one large cherry tree of 4 foot left.and one Apricot of 3 foot tall left grown in horse manure.I also sell thornless blackberry and thornless salmonberry. I make life simple...
I sell my avocado trees at $10 per foot in height, in 5 gallon containers, which is very reasonable as nobody else seems to be growing locally hardened avocado trees acclimatized to the Oregon coast. 4 year old avocado trees in 55 gallon barrels are a bargain at $150. 3 trees left.A three foot tree sells for $30.I also have each tree seedlings, some thornless blackberries, and thornless salmonb...
Z The new avocado eaves on the trees are bright green and red. The grape vines have many new vines this summer.Other trees and vines available include peach, apricot, cherry, thornless blackberry and thornless salmonberry. I make life simple for my plants and for you the gardener. Everything is now being grown in beach sand for good drainage.Call to view and purchase for presents or gifts this ...
I grow all my fruit trees, and grape vines locally from seed so they are acclimatized to coastal Oregon.Blackberry, Salmonberry and geraniums are grown from cuttings.Summer is here in Florence with new buds, blossoms and warmer weatherare making everything grow beautifully. Thornless Salmonberry vines and blackberry vines are growing rapidly. There are new shooting stems on the grape vines. Che...
I have 10 small avocado and 12 grape Vines and 10 peach trees to sell all grown from seed.Trees sell at $10 per foot in height in 5 and 15 gallon containers. A one foot tree sells for $10. A 3 foot tree sells for $30. All trees are grown by myself from seed without poisons, fertilizers or hormones in horse manure compost. Come see me and I will tell you how to grow your avocado and loquat trees...
Selling out my large breed rabbitsWill be in crescent city this weekend and can bring with me if interested. Can deliver to Brookings as well. New Zealand and silver fox x. And a few mutts. Most does are proven. 7-14 in litters. Most are gentle and been handled. Does, some bred $20 eaBucks all proven $15-$20On doe with litter $35Jrs $10Lion lop doe $20Mini satin doe pet only $5. Have more than ...
Free seven 7 chickens if you can remove Friday by noon. Bring your own carrying cages or boxes.Two 2 Leghorns, two 2 Australorps , two 2 Rhone Island Reds, and a Barred Rock. To understand how we raise our chickens, go to www.ChickenSanctuary.com If you cannot remove by noon Friday, no not call or email
Do you freeze your birds whole or sell your birds Then, try our shrink bags... Fast, easy, extremely durable Texas Poultry Shrink Bags you can google our name for more information We cater to mostly small poultry farmers, backyard chicken specialist, FFA and 4-H students. We have some of the thickest shrink bags on the market today. Simply place your bird in the bag, dip it in hot water, and th...
The New Holland C227 Track Loader is an incredible value. Its rated at 2700 lbs half its tipping weight but will lift much more. With 74 Horse Power and 24.2 GPM hydraulic flow this machine can operate hundreds of attachments. The New Holland C227 is built in Wichita, Kansas in a state-of-the-art factory. New Holland is so confident of this product that they freely offer a 3-Year full bumper to...
I have a young male pilgrim goose big and brautiful $30
I have an assortment of growing pots $15 for all
I have a new england buff rooster very docile and holdable. Very large would make a great baby maker. Husband wants to eat him. $10
I have some old 3.5 hp sideshaft engines. Should run. Supposed to be refurbished. I traded work for them. They have some character and could use new home. $40 each
I have a beautiful adult male muscovy duck he is a rare tuxedo color great for breeding or eating $20.
I have a male muscovy duck he is a rare tuxedo color $10 great for breeding or meat.
I have a male muscovy duck white with blue eyes $20
I have a breeding pair of black and white ducks she lays an egg daily $25 for pairPlease someone save them from the oven
Hey everyone... I really hate to do this but I cannot care for my iggasaurus anymore and give him the attention he deserves. He has a nice waterfall I paid 150 for and he loves to climb on pool noodles as well as basking on his waterfall. His tank set up shows a 100 gallon with a nice stand included. This tank is worth 500$ easily so Id say my price is reasonable, though Im willing to negotiate...
100 Organically Raised Baby Chick, Turkeys, Chicken, Pheasant, Ducks and Chukars. If you want to have fresh eggs or raise the best meat youve ever had....this is your answer.On the chickens I have Swedish Flower, Arocondas, New Jersey Giants and More.Wild TurkeysFrench Red Leg ChukarRingneck Pheasant and Manchurian Giantsdrop me a email or contact me at...858-775-44ninty-one.
Sweet 1 year old Nigerian Pygmy doe for sale. Up to date on all shots, hooves trimmed, from a clean herd. Exposed to be Pregnant but not confirmed. bred to a blue eyed, registered Nigerian male- photo in commentsAsking $150In Astoria, can meet in the Portland area
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